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WRAP - Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

WRAP specifies the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. Wrap is not-for-profit-organization. This is the independent certification process, it’s mainly focused on footwear, apparel and sewn products sectors and it is also expanding on labor-intensive sectors such as construction, jewelry, hotels, furniture and more. It ensures that the manufactured products are produced under the lawful and ethical conditions. Wrap certification is very much important for the textile industry. It refers to the world’s largest certification program for the textiles industry. Wrap certification is categorized into 3 sections: - PLATINUM, GOLD AND SILVER

  • Platinum :- Platinum certification of wrap will be issued for 3 consecutive years certification with all WRAP principles and successfully cleared each audits with no corrective action. The 3 consecutive years wrap certification begins from the date of issue of the certification not for the date of subsequent audit. Continuous certification maintain the quality of “Platinum” certificate
  • Gold :- Gold certification of wrap will be issued for 1 year with all wrap principles during the  subsequent audit. One year wrap certification begins from the date of issue of the certification not for the date of subsequent audit. The “Gold” certificate is equal to the wrap compliance certificate.
  • Silver : - Silver certification of wrap will be issued for 6 months with the wrap principles but have non–compliance in training and policies that need to be addressed. Facilities means not have any “Red Flag” non compliance such as health and safety issue, environment issue and child labor, harassment and abuse of the employees. Facilities must signify the employees are paid the legal wages and overtime compensation.

Benefits Of WRAP

  • Improves quality of products.
  • Minimizes risk through improve risk management system.
  • Reduce wastage of products and decrease cost.
  • Improve and monitor manufacturing process.
  • Take corrective actions and preventive action to identify the future complication.
  • Demonstrate customer satisfaction by deliver the better product and services
  • Helps to provides guidelines to meet customer requirement.
  • It helps to generate employee’s involvement in the organization.
  • Increase brand value and market value of the organization.

Process To Get WRAP Certification

  • Application:- First step to get certification is manufactures submit some basic information related to the production to the wrap
  • Self-Assessment:- The self-assessment to verify whether your procedure and existing policies meet the requirements of the program. The whole Adopt procedure described in the wrap handbook.
  • Monitoring:- After submitting the self-assessment, monitoring the audit against the 12 principles of the wrap certification.
  • Evaluation :- certification body review the monitors audit report and decide whether or not certify the organization. If the certification body decides not to issue a certification then the organization is certified with the wrap certification.
  • Certification:- there are 3 levels of the Wrap certification (i) platinum (ii) gold (iii) silver. The certification is issued to the organization by Wrap.



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