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Network Risk Analysis And Security Implementation

Apart from performing various types of security testings to assess effectiveness of security controls in place and understand actual business risks, Indicium offers professional services to help organizations secure their network by designing, planning and implementing advanced security solutions. We assist you from selecting a right security solution to implementation according to specific business needs. Our experienced security consultants ensure that you invest in right technology to get better ROI and not just meet compliance but enable effective security for your organization. We offer professional service for all types of security solutions including followings:

  • Web Filtering and DLP Solution
  • Firewall, IDS/IPS Solution
  • AntiMalware / Endpoint
  • Security Solution
  • Configuration Hardening
  • Security Process and Policies

Web Filtering And DLP Solution

More than 90% of threats comes from Web. Attackers target vulnerable web servers on the internet, compromise them and inject malicious code into legitimate web pages. Due to dynamic nature of web, it doesn’t matter if you never visit unknown websites but still your computer may get infected from a legitimate website you daily visit for business or personal purpose. This dynamic nature of web and increased threats level make it mandatory for organizations to implement some effective web filtering solution to prevent users from unknowingly visiting infected websites.

Companies invest huge money to protect valuable and sensitive business data. Web 2.0 introduced many ways through which malicious actors can steal your valuable data even after spending millions of dollars in security tools to protect this info. Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) solution enable organization to identify and monitor sensitive data while it is stored on a server (inrest) and transmitting over network (inmotion) to detect and prevent possible data breach.

Firewall, IDS/IPS Solution

Firewalls offer basic protection from external threats by restricting access to companies network. To ensure firewall protects your network, it must be configured with appropriate rules that meet business requirement and enable security. A poorly configured firewall gives false sense of security and put organization at greater risk.

IDS/IPS detect and block intrusion attempts based on signature and anomaly detection offer better protection along with firewall. IDS/IPS require lots of tweaking before organizations can start taking advantage of them.

Indicium professional services help organization in designing and implementing firewalls and IDS/IPS solution based on business needs.

Anti Malware / Endpoint Security Solution

Antivirus programs provide basic protection to endpoints from viruses, trojans, spyware, worms and all kind of malicious programs. However an Antivirus program is as good as it’s signature database. They fail to detect malware for which they do not have signature. These days all enterprise grade Antimalware program offer a lot more than just a simple virus scanner. They provide features such as enabling client side firewall, creation of custom rules to block file/registry access, integration of HIPS solution, Application whitelisting etc.

Indicium professional service help organization to tune and configure Antimalware solution in most effective way so that It not just scan files for malware but block malicious applications by custom rules and new features such as HIPS, client side firewall, application whitelisting etc.

Configuration Hardening

Configuration hardening involve securing a system by reducing its surface of vulnerability. When system administrators install applications or add server role in a system it get installed with default configuration which is insecure and leave system vulnerable to attack. To minimize attack surface system administrators must configure applications or servers to ensure they have minimum required services running and have insecure features in disabled state. In most of the cases they leave applications with default configuration due to lack of configuration standardization or expertise. Indicium professional service help organizations to create secure configuration standards according to their business need and help them to reduce attack surface and thus reducing overall risk.

Security Process and Policies

Security is not just about technology but process and people. To implement an effective security, organization should develop security policies and processes. These policies and process should be aligned with global security standards like ISO 27001. This will not only help organization to achieve effective security but also help in getting ISO 27001 certification in long term and gain confidence of customers.

Indicium professional service help organizations to draft security policies and process according to individual organization business needs. We bridge the gap among people, process and technology.



Indicium deployed most competent resource to provide us with the network security assessment through VAPT and the assessment report was found very professional with in-depth analysis and gap closure consultation which helped HCL Services Ltd to secure it’s networks and servers from intrusions.

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