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Global Gap (Good Agricultural Practice) helps the organization to grow safe and healthy products in a responsible way. Global gap provide guidelines to the organization on how to protect the fruits and vegetables from harmful effects. It is necessary to the firm or the organization to prove their ability to produce harmless food. Global Gap Certification allows you to give guarantee and transparency to your production process. Global G.A.P standard is applicable any kind of the organization regardless any size.

Benefits Of GLOBAL GAP

  • Increase productivity and boost up the brand value and market value of the organization
  • Reduces risk and improves risk management
  • Enhances safety of food.
  • Helps to provide sustainable agriculture.
  • Develops safe production methods.
  • Utilization of resources.
  • Develops innovative ideas for growth.
  • Reduces environmental risk and provide sustainable environment.
  • Provide safety at workplace.
  • Decrease food hazards for human consumption.

Methodology To Get GLOBAL G.A.P Certification

  • An applicant must register with approved certification body. The application includes registration requirements then submit the application to the CB and Certification Body must accept the application and all the application requirements recorded in Global G.A.P database.
  • The self assessment cover all scope, site and process comply with the requirements. It is conduct by the staff of the organization. It identifies the non conformity of an organization. Positive findings and comments shall be recorded during the self assessment.
  • External Assessment defines all the production sites, production handling sites and products and external assessment conduct by the certification body.
  • If any non-conformity detected during the audit the auditor served a warning to the organization (i) non conformity shall be closed within three months of audit (ii) if the non conformity is not resolved within three months than the complete audit must be performed before a GLOBAL G.A.P certification can be issued
  • The Certification body shall make certification commitment with in a 28 calendar days after closure of any non conformity.



Indicium deployed most competent resource to provide us with the network security assessment through VAPT and the assessment report was found very professional with in-depth analysis and gap closure consultation which helped HCL Services Ltd to secure it’s networks and servers from intrusions.

Mr. G.G. Rao (CIO)
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